Thelem Consulting staff have worked on a broad range of infrastructure and property projects with a wide variety of public and private sector clients.

Our clients typically share some of the following characteristics:

  • Resource shortage – The organisation does not have the resources currently available to focus on the immediate challenge.
  • Skill gaps or non-core expertise – The organisation recognises that the support required is not part of their core skills. An external expert can undertake the task to a higher level of quality and more efficiently.
  • Require Independent Advice – Expert opinion is required independently to provide credibility and/ or a fresh review.
  • Lumpy project pipeline – The organisation cannot manage core resources to meet the peaks and troughs of a number of major projects.
  • Expert support – Senior expert advice is required to address a technically difficult, risky or large capital investment.
  • Outsourcing – The organisation would rather an external advisor retain and manage certain key risks on their behalf.

Although a new advisory business, staff of Thelem Consulting have supported a wide range of clients and projects. Click here to view a list of recent engagements on which our team members have been involved.