Treeview Estates

Located in the villiage of South Bowenfels in Lithgow NSW is Treeview Estates, a 140 retirement village set on 16 acres of landscaped gardens. The site consists of 115 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villas with 25 more to be constructed, and has been developed in stages over the past decade. Now nearing completion, a new owner has purchased the site and is looking to complete the final stage of development using Thelem's Project Management Services.

Thelem has been engaged as project managers for the delivery ... see more

Gracewood Retirement Village

BaptistCare’s wholistic approach to community living has resulted in award winning projects including the Gracewood Retirement Village and Aged Care at Kellyville. The Gracewood offers a space to live independently while enjoying choice and flexibility.

Thelem Consulting was engaged to support a major defective builders work claim associated with one of the early stages of the village. Thelem was tasked to provide an interface between BaptistCare, the external legal ... see more

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