Jeffrey Zhou

Jeffrey Zhou - BG.png

Jeffrey is an enthusiastic and driven young professional with experience in a wide range of services on large-scale developments. A product of our internship program, Jeffrey has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Adv) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from The University of Sydney. He has joined Thelem after proving himself to be a valuable member of any team. Being a strategic thinker and adept at adapting to different situations, Jeffrey is able to quickly develop a wide range of solutions and outcomes to provide significant value.


  • Parramatta North Program – Precinct Development, DPIE

  • Martin Place Over Station Development – Macquarie Group

  • Liverpool Hospital – Health Infrastructure


  • Project Management

  • Design Management

  • Project Programming, Planning & Delivery

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Document Management

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Modelling

In the Spotlight

Jeffrey is currently engaged as an Assistant Project Manager on the Parramatta North Development Program. The development is a whole-of-government, 43-hectare urban renewal initiative that consists of managing a series of complex and interdependent projects to deliver a diversity of education, research, commercial, cultural and residential outcomes.