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Waterloo Estate

Australia’s largest urban renewal project, which is being led by UrbanGrowth NSW in partnership with NSW Land & Housing Corporation and Sydney Metro. The project spans over 20 hectares and will deliver a new integrated Metro station as well as transform an ageing social housing estate into a renewed social, community, affordable and private housing community.

Engaged as Senior Project Manager and Program Manager, Thelem Consulting were appointed by UrbanGrowth NSW to oversee the State ... see more

New Sydney Fish Markets

The new fish markets is the first element of the vibrant new Bays Precinct urban renewal project that will emerge over the next few years. The new Sydney fish markets is in its own right a complex urban renewal project with a value in excess of $500 million. It will incorporate the Bays Waterfront Promenade, a thriving place that brings residents and visitors to the water and will connect the CBD and its neighbouring suburbs to Blackwattle and White Bays ... see more

Bays Precinct West, Sydney

The Bays Growth Centre Urban Transformation Program is the city’s largest Urban Transformation since the Sydney Olympics. The Bays Growth Centre comprises 95ha of land located on the western edge of Pyrmont, less than two kilometres from the Sydney CBD and surrounded by Sydney Harbour waterways. UGDC have appointed Thelem Consulting to the roles of Project Manager – Design and Development Finance Manager within the UrbanGrowth Bays Precinct West development team. These roles are integral ... see more

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