CSSI Dams—Regional Priority Dams Projects, NSW

WaterNSW is an independent State owned corpora on tasked with delivery of the Cri􀆟cal State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) Dams portfolio. The portfolio consists of three projects, namely Wyangala Dam Wall Raising, the new Dungowan Dam and the new Mole River Dam. When announced to the public in October 2019, a commitment was made to fast‐track the delivery of these three dams, who’s projected value exceeds $1 billion collectively... see more

Visionstream National Telstra Wideband Rollout

Telstra Wideband is a service that provides a combination of voice, data and IP products with high speeds ranging from 2Mbps through to 10Mbps. These products facilitate ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) voice (landline phones), data (internet) and a range of other high-speed data applications such as video conferencing. Thelem was engaged by Visionstream to monitor and improve the design output performance of the National Telstra Wideband rollout. Thelem assisted Visionstream to make the overall ... see more

Visionstream NBN Rollout

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is one of the most complex and technologically advanced infrastructure rollouts that Australia has undertaken. The network will provide the nation a fast and reliable broadband service through a combination of fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. Visionstream is a key delivery partner on the project whose involvement has included the successful rollout of the NBN throughout Australia and the Fibre Network Rollout in New Zealand ... see more